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(c) 2002-2004 Fabien Costantini

sceneviewer example scene viewer lights demo Maze  


This 3D Toolkit project permits to Open Inventor users to develop 3D/VR applications featuring *multiplatform* high-level GUI interfaces, using my new libSoFl (using FLTK) library (and SGI OSS Open Inventor) instead of the Motif (libSoXt) library with the SGI Open Inventor. The libSoFl library is equivalent  to the original sgi libSoXt lib but uses FLTK instead of Motif. It works with FLTK 1.1.x and  1.0.x .

It means that you can useall those famous viewers (ExaminerViewer,FlyViewer,...) you knew in the Motif libs now in a portable (fltk) way using this toolkit. Then,  you can enjoy the benefits of programming  LGPL & Multiplatform OIV interfaces once for all with fl-inventor ! Almost all the  motif examples (FlSceneViewer,Maze,..) have been already ported very easily to the libSoFl lib and are available in this toolkit ..

.. and even more  (i.e: see the FlSceneBuilder demo)

Finally, this toolkit should be very easy to port on other unix(mac?)  platforms.

New in 1.0.1  (15/02/2004) :  no 0.9.x anymore, this is a major fl-inventor release, the more stable & complete to date. See ChangeLog file for more details. Tested successfully with latest versions of : fltk (1.1.4), cmake (1.8.3), gcc (3.3.1), visual c++ 6 and 7 (.net 2003).

Downloading the Fl-Inventor Software :

  1. Download the latest fl-inventor sources here :
           fl-inventor sources  1.0.1 (tar.gz)

  2. Download here my latest modified oss sgi open inventor library (modified for linux+win32 use):
           oss oiv lib for linux and win32 rev. 4 (tar.gz)

        Or (for Linux support only)   you can use the original SGI oss open inventor library

  3. Read the README.FIRST file at the root of the distrib and follow the instructions.

    If you use the original lib under linux,
        don't forget to setup the lib and include paths in the makefiles templates (CMakeList.txt files)

    you *need*  one of the oss open inventor lib package to be able to compile the fl-inventor distrib 

Anonymous CVS Access

This project's SourceForge CVS repository can be checked out
through anonymous (pserver) CVS with the following instruction set.
The module you wish to check out must be specified as the modulename.
When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.

        cvs login

        cvs -z3 co fl-inventor

Updates from within the module's directory do not need the -d parameter.

Developer CVS Access via SSH

Only project developers can access the CVS tree via this method. SSH1 must be installed on your client machine.
Substitute modulename and developername with the proper values. Enter your site password when prompted.

    export CVS_RSH=ssh

    cvs -z3 co modulename

Browse the CVS Repository

    you can  browse the  fl-inventor cvs repository here        


FlSceneViewer demo : Using Manipulators

Maze Demo: playing 3d maze and turning around it

scene viewer lights demo (big)

 Lights Demo :  using some new FlSceneViewer Editors...